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Tartan Ribbon

You will find lots of wired edge ribbons to choose from throughout our ribbon collection on site. These attractive polyester wired edge tartan ribbons are 38mm wide and supplied on a 25m roll. They are available in a choice of eight attractive colour combinations, deep, rich, vibrant colours and more subtle pastels too - all of them with a shimmering hint of gold thread running through them. Anyone who has worked with wire edged ribbon knows the benefits of using it . You can twist, curl and bend it and it will hold its shape. Florists appreciate wired edge ribbon for allowing them to quickly and easily create loops and bows that will hold a perfect shape, enabling them to make more beautiful designs.

Tartan, checked or plaid ribbon is a very popular choice for winter wedding decoration and trim and the obvious choice for a Scottish themed wedding. Use it to highlight the decor in the church - for embellishing pew ends. to decorate wedding cars, and at the reception venue to dress up table covers, for making tartan ribbon chair back bows, tying around floral arrangements, candle holders, favour bags and boxes, or around the wedding cake. Also popular for trimming bridal and bridesmaid dresses, buttonholes, bouquets, posies and flower baskets.

Decorative tartan ribbon is also a firm favourite for seasonal Christmas decoration. A tall Christmas tree simply decorated all over with beautiful rich red or burgundy tartan ribbon bows is a sight to behold! The wired edge makes it perfect for making ribbon hangers for traditional tree decorations and baubles or wrapping Christmas gifts to go under the tree. It's ideal for making christmas chairbacks, napkin holders, tying around festive candles and for threading through Christmas wreaths and pine mantel garlands or for making bows to attach to festive wreaths, swags and door hangers.