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Artificial Plants

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Our incredibly life like and realistic looking potted phalaenopsis orchid plants are available in a choice of sizes from 25cm to 83cm tall and in a range of delicate cream, pink and white shades that closely copy the real thing. These are top quality artificials supplied in good quality, attractive traditional ceramic orchid pots, their beauty would grace any home or office and they make a beautiful everlasting keepsake gift to give to someone special.

Orchids are universally acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful and prized flowering plants. Their delicate, graceful and exotic blooms representing love, beauty and strength, ancient Greeks associated orchids with virility. Much prized by Victorians for their out of this world exotic beauty and rarity, the fascination and allure of orchids has never waned. The only problem most people have with orchids is the difficulty of keeping them alive and healthy looking! This of course is not a problem when you choose a top quality artificial orchid that is almost impossible to tell apart from the real thing!

One of the big benefits of artificial plants potted is that they can be sited where they will bring beauty into locations in the home, foyer or office that would not be suitable for real plants to thrive in on account of poor lighting, strong sunlight or adverse temperature conditions. And of course they never need watering so no worries if left untended! It is very easy to keep them looking beautiful with a proprietary silk flower cleaner. See our Flower Care section of the website for Chrysal Silk Flower Aerosol Cleaner. A 500ml aerosol spray that is odourless and transparent and will instantly revitalise, clean and freshen all artificial and dried flowers and plants without damaging the fabric. It is non staining, no wiping necessary, and dries in seconds.