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For anyone who is familiar with working with real flowers, the benefits of using silks and artificials will need very little explanation. Modern silks and artificials have come a long way in recent years and high quality blooms, bunches, bouquets and posies available today are almost impossible to tell from the real thing.

Just some of the benefits of silks and artificial flowers are that they will not wilt in transit due to shipping conditions, so will not require hours to revive them or allow them to fully open before working with them. When used for office and hotel display they will not need to be replaced weekly or watered regularly. They will not need time consuming preparation such as stem trimming, feeding or even water! They can be bought well in advance of when they are required so no worry about timely delivery. Artificials will not stain table linen with pollen or drop their petals and no danger of water damage if a vase is knocked over. They will look exactly the same as the ones you saw in the photos when you chose them and will remain looking like that for many years to come. Another huge benefit of using artificials is that you are able to choose from a vast selection of varieties all year round not just when seasonally available (and in some cases in colour shades that are not available for the real thing) and no worry about where best to position them to keep them in good condition, they will look their best even in locations where live plants will not due to unsuitable light, temperature, and humidity. Your selection is not limited to what is in season, or what is available at the market. They are virtually indestructible so no need for very careful handling when working with them. Silks and artificials allow you to be as creative as you want to be with your floral designs.