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Raffia & Sisal

£5.55 (£6.66 inc VAT)
£5.55 (£6.66 inc VAT)
£3.75 (£4.50 inc VAT)
£5.55 (£6.66 inc VAT)
£5.55 (£6.66 inc VAT)
£4.34 (£5.21 inc VAT)
£1.49 (£1.79 inc VAT)
£6.57 (£7.88 inc VAT)
£2.60 (£3.12 inc VAT)
£6.57 (£7.88 inc VAT)
£5.75 (£6.90 inc VAT)
£5.63 (£6.76 inc VAT)

OASIS® Sisal, supplied in convenient 250g packs, and in a huge range of vibrant pastel and natural colours to choose from. Prized by florists, sisal is valued because of its strength, durability, ability to stretch, affinity for certain dyestuffs, and resistance to deterioration in water. It can be kneaded and manipulated into shapes, used to cover wire frames and looks stunning in gift wrapping as a nest material for presentation. Sisal is ideal to dress and finish wire bouquet collars, to top pot plants and planted baskets. Add as a filler to gift baskets and hampers, match the colour to your packaging or trimmings.

Raffia is water and fade resistant and supplied in 250g hanks, ready to hang in a protective cello sleeve. Available in a range of attractive colours as well as black, white and natural. Use raffia to add a bow to a bouquet, pillar candle or planter, or for tying bunches of flowers (spring posies look especially charming tied with natural raffia), for lining gift or fruit baskets and presentation hampers, or for adding a rustic style trim to packaging, where a natural look is preferred as an alternative to ribbon.

Raffia has always been a firm favourite with crafters, raffia enables them to create simple designs using raffia alone, or add a little extra touch to a finished work because it is so easy to work with and very economical, so no need to skimp when using it - this of course is a very important factor when it is being used for children's craft projects. A simple wire wreath ring completely covered in raffia and finished off with a ribbon bow could be made in a matter of minutes and look very effective. Very young children can probably manage to make a simple plaited raffia napkin rings or friendship bracelet.