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Bud Vases

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Our collection of glass bud vases includes a huge variety of styles, from stylish and elegant, traditional and rustic to the most modern and contemporary, they will blend with any decor theme.

Bud vases are the time-honored most popular vases traditionally used to display a single bloom to perfection, or to decorate a small tea table or breakfast tray, but can be used for so much more. They require no floral foam oasis to interfere with the flowers drinking in water, so the blooms last longer and bud vases have the advantage of fitting into smaller spaces where a larger vase would look overwhelming.

A very budget-friendly wedding table centerpiece arrangement can be quickly created using several bud vases of the same style in differing heights. Incredibly pretty, bud vases are ideal where it is desired to create a more laid-back and less traditional look for wedding and special occasion or function table decoration when towering floral arrangements are not wanted.

A single stem, sprig or a few very thin stems in a bud vase will brighten any kitchen windowsill and bring the outdoors into a room. You can easily add embellishment to a bud vase arrangement by adding fine foliage such as cascading lily grass or gypsophilia (baby's breath). The most versatile of vases, bud vases also provide ideal and attractive containers to keep kitchen herbs fresh in water. Although large vase floral arrangements are more usual for formal dinner table decoration, substituting an arrangement in grouped bud vases will create an airier look and allow dinner guests to more easily see each other over the flowers.

The rule of thumb to use when using bud vases is that blooms should be roughly one and a half times the height of the vase. Using much taller blooms will increase the risk of the bud vase tipping over (bud vases tip over more easily than conventional larger vases).