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Martini Vases

£23.99 (£28.79 inc VAT)
£22.99 (£27.59 inc VAT)
£25.99 (£31.19 inc VAT)
£19.99 (£23.99 inc VAT)
£49.99 (£59.99 inc VAT)

We stock Martini glass vases in sizes ranging from 25cm to a whopping 70cm tall. Our Floralcraft Martini vases offer particularly good value for money. Martini glass vases have established their place as a firm favourite for adding a touch of elegance, glamour and class to wedding table floral centrepiece displays. With their sleek, smooth bodies, crystal clear glass and slender stems, tall Martini glass vases are favourites for creating romantic and unique table centrepieces at weddings, parties and events. These large Martini vases are reminiscent of a past golden era. Their tall shape is perfect for elevating small flower or candle designs. The wide bowl allows you to fit some pretty large arrangements inside them. The same shape as Martini drinking glasses, but much taller and bigger, they provide endless scope for imaginative table decoration and are deceptively robust and sturdy.

They are perfect for creating tall, cascading floral centrepiece displays. Oversize martini glass vases holding white flower pomanders atop pearl beads, with cascading pearl strings looping from the rim of the vase make a beautiful and very elegant wedding table centrepiece. A simpler, more modern, minimalistic and contemporary look can be quickly achieved by filling a Martini vase with water to which floral water dye has been added with one or two understated blooms with stems removed and add a toning coloured floating tea light. They look amazing when filled with floral gel and uplit by standing them on an E-Luminator or burying a submersible floral light at the bottom of the glass, under the gel.

Design possibilities are endless – fill with silk flowers, fresh flowers, dried decorative material, decorative florist wire, ribbons, feathers, silk butterflies, floating candles, sweeties or favours, they can be accessorised with just about anything you can dream of. A giant Martini vase topped with a clear glass candle plate will provide you with an instant elegant tall cake stand.