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The creation of a floral arrangement, wedding bouquet or other faux flower craft requires careful selection of colours that complement each other, pleasing flower shapes, added accessories or picks and ribbons and bows. While many colours and styles are available for all these items, sometimes the right look can only be achieved by a change of colour or by the addition of extra colour. Top-notch floral designers then reach for floral spray paint.

Floral spray paint is similar to the type you find in hardware stores, except it is specially designed to be used with fresh, silk and dried flowers and other delicate additions to flower arrangements. The cans are often smaller, which makes it easier to handle and pinpoint colour application, and the spray is usually delivered in a finer mist. Spray paint comes in a wide variety of colours, shimmering pearl or glitter ones too and in finishes such as silk, matte and glossy.

Designers who create wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, table centerpieces and other decorations frequently use floral spray paint to match the bride's specific colour theme. Spray paint can also be used to change the colour of baskets, bouquet handles, bowls or pots that the flowers are arranged in, as well as to change the colour of fresh or artificial flowers themselves.

For a bride who chooses purple as one of her wedding colours but wants to carry roses down the aisle, her selection is no longer limited to white. With a few gentle sprays, she can have a truly unique style not found in nature. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the use of floral spray paint. Give a quick mist over to subtly accent the colours of different flowers or a more generous application to hide the original colour completely. It can also be used on ribbons and bows. Quality floral spray paint improves the look and extends the possibilities for many floral crafts and designs allowing the designer to create exactly the look she desires.