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Fishbowl Vases

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We offer a huge selection of fish bowl or bubble ball vases in a wide choice of sizes.

They are available in clear glass of exceptional clarity as well as mirrored glass and offer very good value for money. In recent years they have rapidly gained popularity for wedding reception table centrepiece vases. Fishbowl vases are very versatile. As well as being used to hold flowers, they also look great with just flower heads floating on water or filled with coloured sand and tea light candles.

Eye-catching floral arrangements can be quickly created in a clear glass fish bowl vase using very few blooms. Current trend is to have a little water in the bottom, with all blooms contained inside the fish bowl vase with maybe just the top of one or two protruding slightly over the rim. Tulips, calla lilies and other flowers with pliable stems that are easy to coil are perfect. Blooms can be gently coiled inside the fish bowl, you don’t need many for a medium sized bowl, and even for the largest size fish bowls, ten stems should be more than sufficient. Coloured decorative aluminium wire or bear grass formed into a coil and added to the arrangement will create added interest. A stunning tall centrepiece table display can be easily created using three clear glass fish bowls in graduating sizes, filled with coiled blooms as above and stacked atop one another on a round mirror candle plate.

Opulent mirrored glass fishbowl or bubble ball vases make stunning table centrepiece displays for any venue or occasion. A large one used to hold tightly massed short stemmed flowers and placed on a mirrored candle plate looks fabulous standing alone. Smaller ones can be used grouped to hold flowers or tea light candles. Fish bowl vases are great for where towering, tall, floral arrangements are not desired and have the advantage, when used for dinner party or reception dining table centrepiecess, of enabling diners and guests to more easily see and talk across the dining table.