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Floristry Tools For Perfect Floral Arrangements

We carry a range of the proven most useful and popular general floristry tools. All manufactured to the highest standard using only top quality materials. OASIS® Tools are hard-wearing with ergonomic comfort handles which will reduce stress over long periods of use - most are suitable for both left and right-handed users. Their bright yellow handles make these tools easy to find on a workbench. OASIS® scissors are all suitable for left and right handed use. The popular Florist Scissors have serrated stainless blades for clean sharp cut. OASIS® Multi-Purpose Scissors, have serrated jaws enabling you to cut small gauges of wire with ease. OASIS® Carbon Blade Scissors are sharper and designed for cutting non woody stems. Carbon blades last longer than stainless steel. All scissors should be cleaned every day to protect the blades. Florist knives are available in a choice of style and size including pen knives and a curved blade useful folding knife.

OASIS® Aluminium Pruner is a strong florist pruner for general pruning work. OASIS® Snips are available in two sizes - multi purpose with serrated stainless steel blades that will cut stems as well as wire. Blades lock in closed position for safe storage. OASIS® Large Floral Snips have a secateur- style blade best suited for thinner, woody stems and close detail flower arrangements. For thicker wire cutting, use Heavy Duty Wire Cutters, manufactured from drop forged steel with rubber handles for good grip and designed to be hard wearing yet comfortable and easy to use.

For foliage removal - Oasis® handy foliage remover is made from durable, pliable plastic which fits snugly into your hand. Really quick and easy to use, a great time saving device. Strips stems in seconds to get your blooms ready to cut, condition and use. For foliage and thorn removal, Oasis® Thorn Stripper strips the thorns and unwanted foliage from rose and other thorny stems. Its metal hinged construction means you just open then close and pull down the stem.