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The ageless appeal of natural wood and the vintage and rustic appearance of these traditionally crafted, durable and strong fruit crates and traditional wooden seed boxes, (even printed up on the side with the name and address of a seed nursery) make them ideal for displaying plants, herbs, fruits and other product in a farm shop, florist shop, as part of the room decor at a country style wedding venue, or just as vintage style natural containers for use in a greenhouse, country style kitchen or garden. Crates are supplied individually, plastic lined seedboxes with side rope handles, in packs of two. Perfect for displaying your plants on a deep kitchen windowsill or in a sunroom, conservatory or sunny porch.

Almost any waterproof container (or even non waterproof if it is plastic lined) can be used to hold and display flowers and plants. Traditional materials such as tinware, zinc, wicker and wood have seen a huge swell in popularity among florists and the general public. Charming old wooden stepladders used for displaying potplants in homes and shops. Wood and wicker is especially desirable for consumers who are eco-friendly, conscious of the carbon footprint and who are increasingly demanding biodegradable items.

The colour and the look of timeless natural wood, whether you are using it in contemporary or more traditional surroundings. The appearance of planters and containers made from natural wood will improve with age and a bit of weathering, adding to their vintage appeal. You can't go wrong with wood wooden planter boxes, troughs, buckets and barrels. Wooden planters are truly timeless.

Wood brings a natural accent into the home. Wooden planters look great out on a wooden decking area. Small shrubs, pot plants, herbs, vines flowers and mixed plant arrangements are all suitable for growing in and will thrive in our wooden containers.