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Cube Vases

£8.55 (£10.26 inc VAT)
£1.00 (£1.20 inc VAT)
£2.75 (£3.30 inc VAT)
£3.25 (£3.90 inc VAT)
£4.20 (£5.04 inc VAT)
£11.09 (£13.31 inc VAT)
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£8.99 (£10.79 inc VAT)
£12.99 (£15.59 inc VAT)
£17.99 (£21.59 inc VAT)

A wide choice of cube vases available in clear glass, black or mirrored glass finish in a wide choice of sizes. Cube vases have become established as a firm favourite for modern wedding reception table decoration. The vase shape lends itself perfectly to tightly packed and low arrangements. Their shape naturally says ‘modern’.

Cube vases are perfect for displaying fresh flowers from the garden, artificial silk arrangements or simply displayed as contemporary decorative ornament. Use them to hold candles for the table at home, for special occasions, or for weddings, functions and other special events throughout the year. They are suitable to use in any room in the house. The sturdy base affords maximum stability and they can be filled with decorative dried material, coloured pebbles, sand, shells, pretty grasses, feathers and jewels as well as fresh cut flowers.

Cube vases are perfect for displaying on narrow shelves or small tables and they look good whether filled with just a single hydrangea head, or with massed tightly packed luxury roses. For best effect, always cut flower stems short and pack the cube vase tightly to fill the shape. When using to display on rectangular tables, they look most effective when arranged in rows of three or four or even more, along the middle.

Mirrored candle plates are perfect for displaying floral arrangements as well as candles. Place a large filled cube vase on a decorative square mirrored candle plate and scatter with table jewels or silk petals to easily and quickly increase the visual impact of the cube vase display and create a stunning wedding reception table centrepiece. For an easy to create and very eye-catching candle display use a grouping of three different height cube vases, accented with water colour dye, display a tall pillar candle in the tallest one and small floating candles in the smaller, shorter ones.