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These beautiful and very realistic looking decorative artificial silk and fabric garlands offered here on Michael Dark at unbeatable prices. These attractive and versatile garlands are a firm favourite for window dressing, wedding venue decoration and for decorating arches and doorways (indoors or outdoors) and they can, of course be used again and again. They are available in a choice of beautiful varieties - our 182cm long apple blossom garland with fabric flowers and leaves on a plastic trailing stem. Apple blossom garland makes an ideal wedding decoration.aways popular with brides - fabric flowers and leaves on a trailing plastic stem. 4ft long white clematis garland with 6 fabric flowers and 2 buds. Apple blossom garland makes an ideal wedding decoration. Equally long and very beautiful our luxurious heavily flowered rose garlands and our jasmine garlands. Each 182cm jasmine garland has 70 fabric flowers and 175 leaves. Our shorter, 120 cm rose garlands feature pretty ivory coloured roses and realistic leaves with satin ribbon trim. And, again, at 182cm in length, our delightfully variegated sweetpea garland with delicate trailing pink and cream sweet pea blossoms and pretty leaves.

For greenery without flowers we stock a 160 cm grape leaf garland (80cm long grape leaf sprays are available separately from our Foliage section) and see also our ivy on a reel in the Foliage section on site.

See the individual product pages for details of our bulk discount prices that apply to all the above items, representing excellent savings where multiple garlands are required for special event or wedding venue decoration. Other beautiful products and ideas to inspire you for wedding decoration can be found all across our website, ribbons, balloons, luxury fabrics, glass vases and table ware. All offered at the most competitive prices representing very good value for money.