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When you cut a flower from its plant it loses nourishment. Our extensive range of top quality OASIS® FLORALIFE®, Filo® and Chrysal® brand flower feeding and care products have been developed to mimic the flower's original environment, allowing it to fully develop and prolong cut flower life by feeding and conditioning.

OASIS® FLORALIFE® is a new formula, pleasantly fragranced leafshine for healthy, naturally glossy looking leaves - helps stop dust setting and helps prevent and remove water spots and calcium deposits. FLORALIFE® Clear, in a choice of 5L and 10L container sizes and also available in sachets, effective at room temperature and in refrigeration. FLORALIFE® Clear contains the optimum nutrients for use during shipping and storage of blooms. Appears clear in all water types and can be used to soak floral foam. Clear will help prevent complete development, inhibit stem blockage and reduce flower scrap. Floralife® Quick Dip - ready-to-use solution - no dilution or mixing required. Quick Dip lis ideal for all operations, saves space, time and labour and aids in reducing bent neck and droopy stems. Quick Dip is a must for roses, gerbera and all field grown crops and helps reduce flower scrap. FLORALIFE® Bucket Cleaner, to disinfect, clean and deodorise flower buckets, vases, containers, tools, work surfaces, coolers, shipping and packing areas.

Chrysal® specially developed drip feeders for Bonsai, Orchids and foliage. Chrysal® Professional Glory spray - a uniquely developed holding spray that will maintain flower quality up to 50% longer than non-treated flowers by reducing moisture loss preventing browning. Thus maintaining freshness for several days without the need of extra hydration. Use with foam arrangements, buttonholes, corsages etc. Use instead of the traditional water mister. ®Fleur Vital sachets - each sachet makes half a litre of plant food and conditioning liquid. And for dried and artificial blooms - Chrysal® silk flower cleaner aerosol is odourless, non sticky and dries in seconds, instantly cleaning and freshening all artificial and dried flowers.