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We source only the best quality artificial flowers, plants and foliage here at Michael Dark. Allowing you to create designs displaying the beauty of nature with very little trouble and at a small fraction of the cost of obtaining the real thing. Artificial foliage is not just for bringing 'greenery' to arrangements and designs - you will find leaves in all sorts of natural looking shades of green, blue and autumn colours. Artificial foliage can be used alone to make a display or combined with real or artificial blooms and is of course perfect for making wreaths, swags, pomanders and topiaries that will never wilt or die and can be used overand over again.

We offer a wide variety of silk, fabric, plastic and foam foliage, leaves, branches and bushes, all suitable for indoor and outdoor use - aralia, aspidistra, beargrass, cycas, ferns, rushes and grasses, majestic huge single calla lily leaves, catkin branches, bushes and sprays of saxigraga, ivy, mini ivy, grape leaf, fig and eucalyptus and a selection of exotic foam yucca sawa, with their lush, tropical leaves, in a choice of green, light green or variegated, that are unbelievably realistic, not only to look at, but also to touch. See our Artificial Flowers section for a wide selection of beautiful cherry blossom branches in a choice of colours - a firm favourite for decorating wedding venues.

Our trailing ivy supplied on a 5 metre roll offers very good value for money and is perfect for wreath making, venue decoration, window displays and christmas decorations for the home. Our artificial Boston fern is of a size and shape that could be used alone in a suitable pot to grace a coffee table or windowsill. Almost impossible to tell from the real thing, but with none of the difficulties associated with keeping ferns alive and looking healthy and green.