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Pull Bows

OASIS® is the favourite brand name used by florists worldwide. OASIS® satin ribbon pull bows are simple to use and hassle free. One of the most versatile and affordable packaging and special occasion event decorations. A firm favourite florist accessory, easy to use, easy to store and affordable. A great time saver, perfect for creating bows quickly for personalizing gifts, decorating special event celebrations, wedding, garden and birthday parties, decorating bouquets, attaching to pew clips for church pew ends, wreaths, wedding car decoration, floral arrangments, cards, invitations and gift packaging.

OASIS® poly ribbon satin pull bows are available in a huge range of fashionable colours (to match or complement our poly satin ribbons, grosgrain ribbons and curling ribbons) and come in a choice of two sizes: 3cm (30 bows per pack) and 5cm (20 bows per pack) both supplied in a protective acetate box. Each pull bow makes a bow of 18 loops. Simply pull the inner ribbon cords and push ribbon upwards and a beautiful bow is formed, tie off and attach with the extra long tie. Nothing could be simpler. Waterproof, anti-static and wipe clean for use with fresh flowers and bouquets.

We have ribbon products to suit every floristry and craft need. As well as beautiful Trim products in the Floral Decoration section where you will find sequin, diamond chain, diamante and pearl trim in varying styles, colours and jewel like finishes that can be used to add a touch of glamour and sparkle to flower arrangements and bouquets. The trims can be wired, glued or sewn to attach to most materials and used to decorate wedding invitations and cards. For decorative packaging inspiration and ideas, our Packaging section is where you will find a host of decorative bags and boxes, luxury single rose boxes, living cards and living vases, made from thick card with a wide base to ensure inserted arrangements do not topple over that can be decorated and supplied with a floral arrangement as an attractive added sale as well as a huge range of plain and decorative cello rolls, tissue paper, flower wrap and flower sleeves.