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Latex Balloons

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Sempertex® are widely acknowledged to be the manufacturers of the world's best latex quality balloons. They are available in a choice of sizes and a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from - strong and vibrant fashion colours, pastel colours, and beautiful pearlised satin and metallic colours. Sempertex®balloons are of the highest quality construction. They offer a complete range of latex balloons specially designed to fulfil and satisfy all needs of balloon art. Developed in conjunction with leading specialists in the decoration field, Sempertex offers consistency of shape and size to create a professional finished product. If you want something that shimmers and glistens at your wedding reception venue, then choose the pearlised latex balloons. Latex balloons are easy to blow up and form a round pear or teardrop shape.

There are countless ways you can use latex balloons to decorate a party or wedding venue. A hugely popular use for them is to suspend large numbers of them in a huge net below the ceiling to let them go at the end of the evening. Latex balloons are best used for this since they are inexpensive to purchase in large quantities and are available in a choice of sizes and so many different colours. Add bunches of balloons to corners of reception tables, tie them to gate posts outside to flag the location of the wedding reception venue or house party. If you have balloons of different sizes, you can create an eye-catching effect by putting a smaller balloon inside a larger clear one. Since the balloons come in so many colors and are inexpensive to purchase, you can use a large amount when decorating. Latex balloons are good to use when creating an arch, balloon topiaries or other shapes because they are so flexible, strong and easy to work with.