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Balloon Gas

When you want to use balloons to decorate special occasions, there are a number of accessories you will need along with curling ribbons and other decorative items. Helium gas, balloon weights and balloon boxes are the essentials when using balloons for table or general room decoration at your event. The need to have them anchored down is vital to keeping them from flying away or bunching up together. When using helium balloons you need to have them tied to something to keep them exactly where you want them to be seen.

Using a balloon weight is the ideal way to keep balloons weighted down so that they will sit firmly anchored to the table. Foil balloon weights are perfect for weighting balloons down in style. They are heavy enough to keep several balloons tied down in one place while looking great. The foil gives the weight some shine and glitz and they come in a choice of many colors to allow you to match your venue decor. They form part of the table decorations while keeping your balloons securely anchored.

Balloon weight boxes provide a fun method to hold down balloons. Party favours and small gifts can be placed inside them with the weight before the balloon is tied to the top of the box. Boxes can be decorated and personalised and they are a great way to give guests something small to take home with them. Our novelty shape balloon weights, available in pastel or primary colours are perfect for using at christening events or children's birthday parties and ideal where room on the table is limited as they take up very little space.

All our foil balloons are premium quality helium balloons with self sealing valve and eurohook slot supplied packaged and barcoded. When buying and using uninflated helium balloons, you will of course require helium to inflate them. Our large celebration helium gas cylinder holds enough helium gas to inflate up to fifty 9 inch latex balloons, twenty seven 11 inch Latex Balloons or 18 inch foil balloons.