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Dried Flowers

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The art of drying flowers has been popular for centuries. To create everlasting bunches for display in vases, or for making potpourri, decorating straw hats and bonnets, creating pomanders, door swags and wreaths, dried flowers, fruit, seeds and leaves display a charm and beauty all their own.

Dried phalaris, sometimes called Canary Grass, is available in natural and died colours. It is an eye-catching dried grass with oval seed heads on wiry stems and looks good used alone or with wheat to create a rustic bouquet or used to add an accent to a mixed arrangement. Natural Triticum Wheat Grass will add depth and height to rustic autumnal arrangements and is perfect to include in displays at country themed weddings and harvest festivals. Lavender is well known to have a relaxing effect (and some swear by it used in small linen or organza bags to keep moths at bay in clothes cupboards.) Lavender has been popular for centuries for medicinal, aromatherapy and culinary use. Dried lavender bunches look fantastic displayed in baskets, the wonderful fragrance of dried lavender can be prolonged by occasionally sprinkling it with a few drops of lavender oil. Sea Lavender is also known as Statice Dumosa. Tiny dried flowers on twiggy stems - similar in appearance to gypsophila (baby's breath).

Skeleton leaves make the perfect delicate and beautiful embellishment to provide finishing touches to so many projects, wedding invitations and favour boxes, or even just added to a favourite photo frame, beautiful, delicate and lacy, they are great for many craft ideas, such as making greeting cards and scrapbooks. Ours come in a range of attractive colours all perfectly formed. Glossy, rich green, preserved magnolia leaves are a firm favourite to use in wreath making.

Finland moss, also referred to as Reindeer Moss, is glycerine treated, stays soft and easy to work with and is perfect for mossing arrangements, hanging baskets, planted bowls and wire frames. Preserved Tsllandsia moss (an air plant) is very popular for using inside decorative glass terrariums (preserved moss isn’t living, but it will hold moisture thus raising required humidity inside the terrarium).