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Dried Fruit

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Dried fruit is fruit from which almost all the water content has been removed. Traditionally by drying naturally in the sun, but these days more often using special dehydrators. The tradition of drying fruit goes back thousands of years. It was prized for the taste, nutritional value and long lasting quality.

The wonderful scent given off from dried grapefruit, mandarins, apples, oranges, pineapple and limes as well as their pleasing 'everlasting' appearance, are what make them so popular with crafters and for use in soap-making, potpourri, seasonal craft creations, wiring into wreaths and much more. Dried oranges have always been the most popular and well known dried fruit but we offer much more here. Whole slit limes are so attractive that they look good displayed in a bowl on their own.

Red chillies best known for culinary application, also make colourful and decorative additions to dried fruit bowls and potpourri and lend themselves to making simple decorative items for the home. A dried chilli wreath is a real eye-catcher and can easily be constructed by stringing peppers together and securing to a wire wreath frame and finishing off with a rustic raffia bow. Miniature dried pumkinos are attractive and look very effective in wreaths, pot pourri and many craft projects.

Hakea leucoptera originates from the dry regions of Australia, popular for its unusual, beak-shaped, slightly open, dried woody seed pods, mainly used in dried bowl arrangements and pot pourri. Pine cones have of course forever been associated with Christmas time. The Austriaca natural pine cones we offer come from Austria, available in a choice of sizes and are perfect for all sorts of Christmas wreath making and seasonal dried arrangements.

Our dried fruits are not intended for human consumption! They are sold purely for decorative use and especially good for inclusion in Harvest Festival arrangements and displays! All dried fruits are natural products, so colour and size of products may vary slightly from the images.