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Calla lilies are surprisingly neither callas nor lilies!  After confusion among early botanists, they were eventually classified as Zantedeschia and found to be scientifically related to philodendron, pothos, and caladium.  What we think of as the flower is actually a heart-shaped leaf! Known by many different names such as arum lilies and trumpet lilies, they originate from South Africa.

With trumpet shape blooms like no other flower - the 'petal' forming a cone around the protruding stamen in shades of white, cream, soft pink, pale yellow, orange, lavender, and mauve, calla lilies are an indispensable cut flower and extremely popular wedding flower used widely in bridal bouquets, table arrangements, button holes and venue decoration. Simple and effective when used alone, in an overarm sheaf for example, calla lilies also mix well with other flowers such as roses. Their stems are easy to bend and shape and calla lilies look lovely mixed with grasses and wrapped inside fishbowls and other glass containers.