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After you have all of the decorations up for your party, include a few finishing touches by using bunting. You can get bunting in white, colors or prints. This is an easy decoration to use as it is in a triangular shape on a string. It's easy to tie on a table or around a post.

There are a few different ways to use bunting. It's a common part of the decorations in weddings and receptions. You can use it at baby showers or birthday parties. If you have a plain room, consider using this inexpensive decoration to add some flair. Place it on the ceiling to look like a kite or around the windows for a fun frame. When you get bunting that has letters on it, you can arrange them to direct guests to a certain area. You can also use this kind of bunting to welcome someone home or to congratulate someone for a job well done, such as a graduation or retirement.

Another option is to hang bunting at a car lot so that people can clearly see the cars that are for sale. Parking attendants can use the bunting as flags to direct traffic. Place bunting on a fence to advertise a garage sale or wrap it around trees when you have a celebration to utilize nature as free decorative objects. After a party, hand out favors that have been wrapped with bunting. Since the product comes in large and small amounts, you can simply cut what you need when you wrap the bunting around a favor. One feature to add to the bunting is the date of the event and who the event was for so that guests will remember the celebration. This is an idea for weddings and anniversaries. Use the bunting to mark off where people are supposed to sit if there is a group in a large area with other groups. An example would be a children's camp.