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Organza & Tulle

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Tulle and organza fabrics are invaluable for use in creating wedding venue decor, gift baskets, and a host of other floral and craft projects. Best of all, it will give projects that special finishing touch with minimal effort. Tulle is a very versatile fabric that is available in many colours and shades and is easy to work with as it is soft, quite flexible, and will not fray. It has many uses in wedding decoration. A bow, wrap or tie fashioned from tulle can be added to a centrepiece such as a vase to give it that extra personalised touch. It can also be used to create the main focal point of a centrepiece or to create a table-length runner of fabric that intertwine with smaller accents of the design to bring the room's décor together.

Adding a wrap or bow made of tulle to a bridal bouquet creates a polished, professional look that subtly highlights the bouquet without detracting from the bride. The soft and flowing qualities also make it the favourite fabric of choice for the classic fabric draping often seen at wedding ceremonies and receptions, charity events, formal galas, and other events.

Organza also has many distinct advantages in décor. It is slightly stiffer than tulle, making it a better choice for larger accent pieces such as chair back bows and aisle accents that need to keep and hold their specific shape. Eleganza Organza is available in a very wide variety of colours and a choice of roll width so you can match your event's colour palette. As organza is available in wider widths than tulle, it is often the preferred choice for full table coverings and large scale applications. When working with organza, to avoid fraying simply cut the fabric on the bias (on the diagonal).