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Lace & Muslin

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Muslin cloths were traded by ancient Greeks and Romans from the East Indian port town Masulipatnam, known as Maisolos and Masalia in ancient times and the name 'Muslin' originated from the name Maisolos. The chief merchandise of Maisolia, eagerly sought for by the merchants from the Roman world, was muslin - so favoured with fashionable Roman ladies of the time that legend has it that an ounce of muslin used to sell in Rome for an ounce of gold!

Our OASIS® Raw Muslin ribbon is 5cm wide and is supplied in 3m lengths on wooden bobbins and available in a range of 7 soft dyed colours. This beautiful softly woven fabric has the natural thread slubs or bobbles as found in muslin or linens. The edges are deliberatly frayed, pulling the outer threads will produce a more frayed appearance if required. The ribbon can be trimmed if a narrower width is required. this ribbon would be ideal for tying and trimming wild flower or summer flower bridal bouquets. The soft shades are perfect for complementing popular vintage themes. This beautiful ribbon can be used to trim to vases and zinc pots where a more natural look is desired. for It's many also include bows and trims for wicker decorations, tying corn, wheat and other dried flowers and as an alternative to raffia where man made fabrics or shiny ribbons are not suitable.

Our beautiful vintage style soft cotton cream and white lace ribbons are available in a choice of patterns and widths. Lace ribbon is ideal for use in wedding work where a traditional or romantic theme is desired and perfect for adding a classic touch to any wedding cake by running it around the base of the cake. Plain cylinder glass vases and candle holders can be transformed by simply glueing lace trim around them.